Rote memorization, as may be necessary for studying a language, for example, can be rather boring. So we had a thought: what if we could take that process (namely, the concept of flash cards), and transform that into an engaging and fun game?

Tangomon is the answer to that: a simple, but fun monster battling game that makes the concept of flash cards a little bit more… flashy. Instead of rote memorization for its own purpose, Tangomon uses your memorized words as attacks. That's right: you literally battle enemy monsters with your vocabulary set!

When you decide to learn something, you input it into the game as a "tangoji" which you use to attack with. When you have decided that you have learned a tangoji sufficiently to remember it for a while, you can convert it to a tangokan. Then, after your tangokan has charged, you can use it to impress defeated tangomon, encouraging them to join your team! But don't get complacent; after some time has passed, your tangomon will test your memory of previous tangokans, and if you fail their test, they abandon you, forcing you to impress them once again.

Your goal is simple: collect them all! When you have succeeded, you can reset your game while keeping the same tangojis and tangokans, allowing to continue your studying as long as you want to without getting bored.

Tangomon has full Unicode support and works with standard IMEs, so you can study most languages (right-to-left support is missing upstream in Pygame, a dependency). You can also use Tangomon to help you memorize anything else, like mathematical equations or even the names of new friends.